Friday, September 08, 2006

Poetic Injustice a.k.a. Why I like port wine birthmarks (Body Fascist Pt. 9)

Alright, quite an obvious one, I guess.

Cause one of my ex-girlfriends having a pretty huge on on her face, that is.

Couldn't but notice, seeing her the first time. Though the texture of the skin was hardly altered, just the colour, still was very unusual.

But after she'd reassured me it didn't hurt, soon became more normal her having one than everybody else not. Already liked the colours, the shape, and how she wore it.

Though she told me later of some boyfriends always urging her to apply make-up before going out and about.

For the life of me, absolutely never could dig that.

Till some years later, when my then girlfriend started going on about me putting on a cap whenever we'd go out or others would visit, that is.

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