Thursday, September 06, 2007

'Pills Against Aircraft Noise'

Finally two weeks off. Well, at least from dole and callcenter, that is. Meaning not necessarily from last semester's paper, the plenty remaining job hours, the layout of the leppin book, the next one etc., all of it due about yesterday.

Still, at least means don't need to read any of the papers or mags published by my new old employer.

Though, as Baby went through the daily paper yesterday, couldn't help myself noticing the caption 'Pills Against Aircraft Noise' screaming into my optical ears.

Of course wasn't about pills actually eliminating the actual noise, but rather doctors paid and sent by the authorithy prescribing sleeping pills to residents living next to the new Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. 35 year old Thanatos (!) Preebem, on sleeping pills for a month now, to AFP: 'Without the pill I couldn't sleep at all.'

Hey, actually just like @ e.g. Zurich Airport Prison for I don't know how many years or even decades ...

Ah, Switzerland! Proudly bearing the torch of humanity to where no civilised man has gone before!

Though, as a kid in school, was told only evil communist russians would do such things, like keeping their inmates drugged. So perhaps rather a backlash. Which idiot came up with the idea of tearing this darned wall down etc., anyways. (Shame on you, Mr. Waters, all your fault. Should've listened closer to 'Holidays in the Sun'.)

But never mind. At airport prison, almost only alien inmates, too, who cares.

Hilariously enough, another caption invading my privacy, about contemporary russia: 'Even recalcitrant seniors getting labeled "extremist" [a.k.a. 'terrorist'].' After the russian parliament adopted a tightened extremism legislation, a new wave of trials sweeps the nation. Though the law being officialy aimed at neonazi thugs, the police mostly targetting simple citicens and moderate political opponents, many of them facing jailtime, as the correspondent reports from Moscow.

Hey, erm, actually just like everywhere in the rest of the world, too, innit?!

Though Russia in the West probly still being the more popular punching bag, you can bet.

The more things change, some don't.

Welcome to the brave new future!

(a.k.a. straight back to the middle ages ...)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Stomach ulcer, anyone?

Ugh, reckon shouldn't've eaten these continental style chips. Visiting my sis, celebrating the kids' birthedays, had left from Zurich in a hurry and without breakfast, so just needed something in my stomach quickly before eventually having supper. Or so I'd thought anyways.

Well, afterwards you're always smarter, and mostly we all do learn by painful experiences, right? Still thought could trick my stomach by eating a deacent muesli after having returned, and for a while even seemed to eventually work out. Until I laid down, that is. Suddenly all of the apparently rather indigestible, fatty sauce welling up again, dishing out serious pain.

Even worse, while all the upper part of my stimach felt in flames, there was one spot that felt more like caused by a welding torch instead of the overall coal heating.

Ouch, guess we all know what that's hinting at.

And ok, things are really bit over the top of my head lately. Deftly more than unsual and way more than within the limits of healthy living anyway.

However, just dropping three quarters of all the stuff on my neck isn't exactly an option either.

At least not as long as I'm still able somehow getting up the next morning, that is ...