Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Shooting of Oscar Grant: Some Thoughts on Real Life Big Brother

Of course Anger saw this one first. This is what we were hoping for and talking about at the peak of being busy with Big Brother for the cops eventually made true by the rise of cellphone vidcams. No way without this video the copper would've gotten that much flak (erm, actually still next to nothing). I mean, they're shooting and maiming people all he time anyways, but the fact this now getting out into public will at least change their easy going attitude about it, or so says my 2 cents.

Sweet irony: The video is from youtube and I'm publishing this on blogspot, both owned by Real Life BIG Big Brother Google. So reckon I'm off now cleaning the cookies I had to accept for logging in here, plus refusing them again ... (Done.)

Below an even more close-up vid of the shooting, for a change coming from a much smaller company:

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However, the posters' blog again is ...

Still, lots of infos 'n' updates ... Respect! This isn't over yet ...

(Also a nice one: the ever indispensable Not yet a subscriber to their newsletter? Your loss ...)