Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Campaign against forced prenatal steroid "therapy" for "suspected hermaphrodites"

In the USA, an actual campaign is starting against this usually neglected form of forced "normalizations" by prenatally administering dexamethasone on any fetus suspected of being "disordered in it's sex development" (9 out of 10 times, a "normal" unborn is submitted to the various "side effects" of this off label use of steroids.

As all cosmetic "treatments" forced on the intersexed, there is neither evidence nor follow up. In countrary, the ones responsible for these inhumane "treatments" try to avoid such things at all cost. Other than former "intersex campaigns", this one is less about medical reform than about actually stopping known perps, namely Maria I. New, which makes it so much more exciting.

So far, a formal complaint demanding an official inquiry on these decade long, inhumane "human experiments" was logged by 35 bio-ethicists. This complaint was made public by a website with additional info.

Advocates for Informed Choice (AIC) published an official statement.

More is in the making ...

If this is getting played out nicely, this could be the very first time criminal surgeons and/or endocrinologists could at least be actually coerced or even stopped by the power of nonviolent action. Can't wait!

>>> Fetaldex.org
>>> Advocates for Informed Choice (AIC)
PS: >>> Hilde Lindemann, Ellen K. Feder, and Alice Dreger @ Bioethics Forum / Hastings Center