Tuesday, August 22, 2006

And just because it'd been so lovely ... (Blood on the Dancefloor Pt. 3)

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So I'd put on one of the latex gloves I'd requested at the hospital to protect my bandaged left hand, taped it waterproof to the arm and hit the shower. Washing down the rest of the sweat 'n' blood, relaxing some under the warm water. Though eventually having rinsed the detergent from my head and body, suddenly wrinkling my nose like, now what's that, didn't I just wash myself behind the ears just for the second time in less than 24 hours or not, so what's that smell?

Actually should've gotten pretty suspicious just then, but obviously didn't dare thinking of the obvious. So instead just went into , gave the head another rub with detergent, pleased that the smell finally vanished, rinsed again and reached for the towel, drying myself.

Which was when the obvious hit back. Cause already there was that smell again, or rather having evolved into a solid stench now. Then I discoverd this kinda rencid mayo smeared onto the towel, and yes, just smelling like 5 years of unwashed living rot behind the ears, and finally it started dawning on me. I mean, not too many places where that could've been coming from, now couldn't it?!

A quick look into the mirror, and suddenly even sank in. Cause yes, of course was one of the punctured lumps, aw f**k! And even plenty more to come! Argh! Gross! Yuck!

Only the small one sactually, though being the one with the bigger puncture wound, and of course from out of there that all that stuff had come. Rather incredible, the sheer quantity of it, just how could this all've been hidden inside?

Just kept on squeezing and squeezing more or less gently, and the stuff just flowing and flowing. Only very blood, though. But plenty cyst juice, sebum, pus, lymph, you name it. True zit lover's delight, I guess.

(Something me too I've got some weakness for as I've to admit, though not really to that extent I'm afraid. Plus the reek of it not exactly smelling trusty neither.)

At least in the end there literally wasn't too much left of the lump anymore, except for the now empty skin bag. Just cleaned it thoroughly with Cutasept, then poured another good gush over it, drenched a compress dripping well in the same, and with a little help by my mate taped it firm on top of the remains lump with the rest of the medical tape I still got left from last surgery, sent the surgeon a txt with a description of the problem, and eventually hit the train to the birthday party of my sister's younger kid.

Though no more playing with lumpy lumps today, I'm afraid.

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