Sunday, August 20, 2006

Blood on the dancefloor

And I mean literally. And plenty, too. But let's start at the beginning.

Two weeks after surgery finally was allowed to do some exercises again. And to my surprise even went quite well. Also on the track.

Even the better, same when I came back to the woods two days later! Of course was a bit harsher, but still was able pulling it off, doing all my exercises at full strenght and even my usual ridiculous amount of rounds on the sawdust. Despite there had been a tree cut down by the storm a day earlier, still laying across the track, and not to mention the weather. Cause of course, as soon as I was up, just started raining cats and dogs for good, again. Well, guess this and the likes is what I bought this raingear for in the end.

Even better, after having showered, cut my hair etc., plus doing a little doping (i.e. swallowing a healthy dose of my trusty mixture of orange juice, water and plenty glucose and guarana), still felt fit enough cycling to this drum'n'bass party at Kalkbreite. Sound was cool, DJanes dropping it nicely, no fussing around with too many bloody intros etc. Uplifting hedonistic beats, as it should be always, and from there just on and on.

To my surprise just went off full throttle myself right from the start, and just kept going, having another almost or literally free pint every 40 minutes or so. Even losing the cap rather quickly so I could wear it again for work next evening instead of having to put it straight back into the laundry cause of being too soaked in sweat.

This time being another crowd than at the metal nite I wrote about earlier, kinda less cool, i.e. mostly goggle-eyed etc. Business as usual I guess, though somehow this time most people seem to ask my mate about the inevitable while sparing me. Remember this one girl calling me 'Mongo'. But just smiled at her and and blinked my eyelids (am I not too nice? -- ok, perhaps also rolling them heavenwards some). And this other one coming over saying, 'Respect for having the bottle going on the street like this.'

Erm, uh, well, yeah.

(to be continued)

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