Friday, August 04, 2006

What's wrong?

Everybody's complaining bout the weather, being rather coldish for the season, temperatures down by 15 degrees compared to last week. Just in time. Might've been just a wee bit difficult not being allowed to sweat at 34°, I'd say.

Surgeon still happy when changing the bandages the day after. Me too. Originally intended thaving another painkiller later before going to bed, just to make sure, but in the end simply forgot doing so.

Going for the first walk in the woods again the next day, saw this lassie standing at the corner. Looking just like, mmh, what the doctor might've prescribed me for let's say next week or so. Flashing me a smile to remember.

Smiling back, suddenly couldn't help asking myself like, 'Erm, what's wrong?'

'Whatever happened to goggle-eyes, yikes, yuck n all?'

Only then realising, 'Got the hood on, stoopid.'

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