Saturday, October 14, 2006

F**ked up royally

Got feedback from Prof. Hoffmann on my corrections of the layouts for our book by Paul Leppin I did in London last week. Sheesh, can't believe it.

Ok, was a bit complicated there not just with the lumpies n all, sometimes not too quiet and even less relaxed anyway, plus most of the original layouts for me tied to not really heart warming memories in the first place, and many of the actual texts I had to fix dealing with similar matters on top.

Still remember feeling like sitting on needles while doing it, quite exhausted afterwards and sooo glad finally having it off my screen. Talking bout wishful thinking ...

But still, how I f**ked it up is way less than tolerable at all. I mean, the amounts of typos I failed to correct would be one thing, but the new ones I managed to add, aaarrgh!

And the worst, of course now just have to get back on it, trying to do a better job this time. Am feeling uncomfy already.

Sometimes when some things go bad it's like just about everything seems to suck.

Not happy, not happy, not happy.

... two days to go ...

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