Friday, October 06, 2006

'Strange hat you're wearing'

Two shows in the midlands cancelled, so still in the smoke. More precisely at the Rampart, just a stone's throw from Whitechapel Hospital, where the Elephant Man used to live. (Actually on the extras on the dvd you can see an ancient map including the very building where I'm writing this, but that's another story.)

Last Monday while bringing some leaflets to LARC, was really lucky meeting this other guy I know. He was actually busy going somewhere, but then still could help me out doing the bandages. At first also was a bit timid, but when I kept going on like, 'No, it's ok, just pull harder', he then just did so. Now the holes in the lumpies are are more comfortably sized again, though the smaller one itself keeps getting smaller n smaller as it's supposed to, but making it more difficult daily, definitely earning it's nickname 'tricky b*stard'.

Am glad I can stay here, also cause there's people showing up every once in a while, which comes in handy when looking for another day's victim, up to now always was lucky finding one. Also cool having fast internet here, trying to get some more stuff done.

Unfortunately the one guy living more or less next door, who'd said he could do it every once in a while, when finally at it suddenly visibly struggling with himself, so guess I'll better not insist.

Also a couple I know going through kinda the acrimoniuos type of divorce, though without having been married. Still just the kind of things affecting my own sore heart not really for the better, but that's how it is.

The other lesser nice thang being this other guy running amok two days ago, breaking the wiring of the electronic lock at the entrance, so I have to be careful not getting locked out.

Plus some news from the Zurich homefront also not sounding too cool. Though far from admitting anything like it, looks like we're all getting sacked pretty soon so the company'll be able to please the shareholders some more.

While on the funnier side, always striking how many people mistake my bandages for a cap.

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