Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My Beautiful Hermaphrodite Girlfriend

Sunday 06.07.2008, main entrance Children's Hospital Zurich ...

For the non german speaking of yez, here's what it's all about in a nutshell (from the flyer):
About every 2000th baby is born with ambiguous genitalia ('intersexed' / hermaphrodites). At Children's Hospital Zurich, like in other places, small babies are regularly 'prophylactically' castrated and forcefully submitted to surgery on their ambiguous genitals without their consent. With an open letter by the self-help group to the Children's Hospital Zurich we'd like to protest against this inhuman code of practice and help to abolish the public taboo about these systematical human rights violations.
(Stills © Anger /

Shirt: Stop Forced Genital Surgery!
Banner: Human Rights For Herms Too!

Ok, admit not having followed the news on the telly for quite a while now. Colour me baffled nonetheless. I mean, did you hear him, saying 'castrating' on air, prime time sunday evening? Tagesschau 12 points!

Big thanks to everybody who contributed to make it all happen, and a special one to everybody involved at Tagesschau!

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