Thursday, October 23, 2008

Call me Mr Guest-List

Firewater played Zurich for the 1st time ever. Didn't catch them live for quite some time. However, a mate, when offered to put some more on the local guest-list was nice enough to give Anger a call, so baby and yours truly went on the list just as well. And she even came along.

Abart is a nice club, though could hardly afford their regular fees, so it's an easy guess when I might last've been there. Still like their sound system, though being compliant with the drastic swiss decibel laws, at least they're squeezing it all the way, and unlike other clubs whithout pushing the most painful and damaging frequencies (which ironically are exactly the ones that are still legal to turn up the most, and coincidentally also what even real cheap PAs are really good at).

Frankly was more into Cop Shoot Cop (pre-Firewater), especially the first two albums (though "Everybody loves you when you're dead" from the 3rd is a lyric I'm still quoting every once in a while), but still like Tod's no bullshit attitude, and the music was pretty uplifting, so we all had a great ole time dancing and shouting in front of the stage (your's truly just next of the subwoofers, in case anybody harbored any doubts).

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