Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Young HERM Unchained

A bit of nostagia with a small twist ...

When Other People Say
You're Someone To Misuse
Shut In Behind Your Young Girl's Face
And Helpless In Your Bed Of Thorns
I'll Remember Who You Are
Yes I'll Remember Who You Are
I'll Remember Who You Are:
A Young HERM, Unchained
Come Back Here Now
I Know You're Somewhere Still Alive
Strong Behind Your Young Girl's Tears
I Know You're Somewhere, Unchanged
Oh I Remember Who You Are
Yes I Remember Who You Are
I Remember Who You Are:
A Young HERM, Unchained
(The complete original lyrics can be found here)

All it needed was changing one word here and there ... Almost uncanny, but in the end pretty fitting for "the band that would produce the most stark vignettes of institutional and familial abuse of power ever committed to vinyl".

(Btw, there's another recording of this song with Michael Gira singing instead of Jarboe, the male voice and his intonation adding yet another twist to the last verse.)


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