Sunday, May 07, 2006

Recently on a dancefloor (Pt. 1)

Ok, I'm a bit p**sed, but I'd say not p**sed enough to really blow it up, so let's just go.

Specially on a crowded floor, actually having these things on my head sometimes can be helpful getting enough space to move. Perhaps not as helpful as having long hair soaked with sweat and swinging them around, but as the advertisement goes: 'Every little helps.'

Though ever since I was eventually determined to have them cut off, generally started keeping the cap on when in public, i.e. also when going at parties. Just to see if I still can go wild and get enough space to do so without these little helpers. Well, up to now never a real problem.

So in the last six or seven months only at two occasions didn't opt for the entirely totally conservative victorian style dress-up incl. at least long trousers, T-shirt and of course a trusty camo cap. And even during the two exceptions only got rid of the latter.

First time was the first time after the surgery I was going out being allowed to sweat again, some metal bands playing at Kalkbreite in Zurich. Eventually put the cap off cause I started losing it every once in a while cause I didn't dare to put it on real firmly cause the scars were still fresh, so in the end just bagged it.

And you know what? Nobody was even looking hard (or at least I wouldn't have noticed). Not to mention really nobody popped the line, howgh. Incredible, isn't it?

Second time was tonight at this gig in a squat at Brixton Rd. Actually just removed it to put on the hoodie before going home, but then still stayed shaking a bit longer. Didn't take long and this girl came over, started groping them and said 'horrible'.

Aw, well, am used to that by now.

And by the way glad not seeing green martians in black helmets anymore, lurking from the corner of my eyes while dancing. Like at Mayday afterparty in Berlin.

As usual had the cap on all the time. But at some point this girl just lifted it off a bit, went 'Oh my god', looked quite annoyed and turned away.

Next time I met her upfront, handed her a sticker. According to her face sunk in immediately. Next thing she shows me the finger and then gropes my ass for a change, before putting the sticker on the DJ's back. Put another on hers later and was glad hadn't to go to school after the party.

Another guy seemed quite irritated because of the F-word part in the URL, but after I explained him dug it.

And believe it or not, in both places there were also people encouraging me to just go without the cap and not to care about people's reactions, or even not having them cut off at all.

continued ...

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