Saturday, June 03, 2006

'auto immune aggression'

Surgeon told me at some point, how sometimes it's not easy for him seeing people suffering. And though he's seen worse mishaps and accidents, which he had to cut and stitch back together again as well as still possible, than my small 'miracles', am afraid I'm giving him a bit a rough time. Sorry.

At least, despite the missing / dying / decaying parts of my scalp that not only don't look, but also don't FEEL too nice either, manage without pain killers for more than 48 ours now.

In the meantime am even getting used to the lovely look of them. Yes, he finally burned me all the pics, even took some new ones before doing so. Still have them open behind while typing this, and when looking through them before seeing my GP earlier, was in a hurry and had to do so while eating. So friggin' what.

(Yeah, I know, some might be curious too. So yup, those of you not afraid to klick 'graphic images' links can brace for gory updates.)

By the way, they are saying the whole thing probably being acts (though guess medically more correct: cases) of 'auto immune aggression'. I.e. the immune system considering parts of the own body as an enemy, killing them off.

Ok, I'll admit, ever since hearing the expression the first time some years ago, always'd thought, now, THAT'S a poetic name for a disease, why do the ones I have always sound so boring?

But believe it or not, THAT'S not how I'd meant it.

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