Friday, June 02, 2006

Getting me handed some more body parts

Oops, seems I just successfully performed another miracle unparallelled in the history of medicine. At least that's how the poor surgeon went like: 'Can't be, never seen before.' Starting to feel like some kinda medical prodigy -- only predominantly in the wrong way, of course.

Good news is, the oozing & hurting part at the back of my head seems to recover to a certain extent, though plenty of it still being 'critical', so probably next Weds it's gonna be surgery-time, just once again. (Hopefully without further 'miracles' following, erm.)

Bummer is, how the other wound's behaving that was still left open in order to clean the cavity where the top right implant had been. When he was at it two or three days ago, pulling out the gluey stuff with a forceps, suddenly had this strange sensation, like the tissue ripping or beeing squeezed, even after he'd removed the tool, as he assured me when I asked. Well, that was probably the last thing I ever felt there.

Yesterday he suddenly started looking a bit troubled after having removed the dressing, expressing his disbelief as noted above, followed by the buzzword 'necrosis' (i.e. dead tissue). And at some point the question 'Do you feel anything now?' No, didn't.

So he just went on with the scissors, therafter showing me the small strips of brownish-greyish dead scalp he'd just cut off.

Oops no 2, felt a bit like being in the wrong movie just once again.

To make it clear, despite my moaning definitely much preferred having seen what and how much he cut off compared to just having strange painful sensations up there (since around the numb part didn't feel to well lately), asking myself desperately just HOW BAD it actually might be -- now at least I know.

Still, some part of me just kept asking myself, what was that film where this guy get's handed part of his brain, but not feeling anything? Yeah, Hannibal, right. That's what it reminded me a bit of, watching this glorious scene and not exacty feeling like 'let's have some more lunch right now'. Though no cooking and eating involved in my case, of course, just threw it away afterwards. Still, just don't remind me about what not only the german press called 'The cannibal of Rotenburg', ok? (And bloody well yeah, I know, didn't eat the brain together, but his pr**k, and contrary to Hannibal seems actually having been mutual consent. Still not precisely my cup of tea, though ...)

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