Thursday, June 08, 2006

Keeping girls awake at night ... plus even more bodyparts (also by mail)

Awrite, the good news is, no more necrosis at the lips of the wounds, just some part of the dried stuff oozing from one cut had to be clipped Tuesday (also had stitched it together again Sat). Even better, most of the other affected skin recovering well.

However, some part the size between a 2 p and a 2 £ coin definitely didn't make it. Had to be cut off yesterday. (Plus another tissue sample, getting delivered by courier for analysis.) Plus he stiched the remaining hole a bit smaller, so there'll be as little skin as possible to be grafted next week.
Gee, that means I was two entire weeks without surgery -- how did I just survive for so long? When last Friday the GP's assitand tapped my vein for some more blood tests, actually felt like something being kinda wrong: Prick, the needle going in, but nothing feeling cold creeping up the vein, no merry-go-round starting slowly.

On my way over to the beauty farm having it done, sitting in the bus, this guy I know talking to me while going along the lake. Also was this drunk young girl he knew, going one or two stops further than him. Me having just the hood on my head, cause it's too warm for a wool cap; and, though I got myself an XXL one, camo is no fun at the moment with the dressing and what's under.

So, she's kinda peeping under the hood, asking what it was and to take it off. So I lifted it a little, and she goes like, 'Eeeeek, now I can't sleep tonight'. Complaining on, that she just had lunch and could have puked, too.

Tcha, guess I'm just one lucky guy.

(Mean ok, blokes're gawping, too. But the rest -- definitely must be kinda a woman's thing.)

Surgery went smooth. Again don't remember everything, though, 'cept never having seen my pulse more that 10 to 13 above my average rate for a change. But he assured me having taken all the photos this time. Sarted stinging a bit when the local anaestetic wore off, so so the anaestesist's assistant gave me a small shot by the drip. Plus the rest of the ampoule, since it still stinged.

Was like merry-go-round again. But then, after coming home, was ok. Even after the good stuff having worn off. Perfectly bearable, also today. Still took one of the other painkillers before going to bed, just to make sure, cause usually, though I sleep with the upper part of the bed pulled up, it's getting worse when laying down. But almost went too well, even managed reading no problem, cause wasn't really sleepy. In the end finished the whole book (and am afraid did't go to sleep exactly early).

When changing the dressing this morning, surgeon said it looked good, also the other wounds, finally closing. And hey, won't need the bandages changed and the wounds cleaned etc. daily anymore. Nice one.

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