Monday, June 19, 2006

Tears are a gift from heaven

If this planet is the 'valley of tears', must've been living in hell.

Most of my life, couldn't cry when I should have, no matter how much I wanted to and tried.

Didn't actually notice when they stopped, so I guess went just down the same road like love and feelings. Lost faith, broken heart and dying soul. Sometimes returning a little, but only to vanish again soon.

Took a long time to just realise. Even more to change it. Plus somebody who cared.

Though didn't take long, and started losing it again. Going numb inside. Seven Kings, sitting on the bench, waiting for the train. Starts setting in. Feel like crying but can't. Wish so much I could but just can't. Same again.

Still don't know really why this time I remembered. And more important, why I still was able nourishing it back to life. Of course got some clues, but doesn't feel like I got them all.

But something I know for sure. Never be ashamed or afraid of your tears, ever. Never hold them back, either. (Ok, unless e.g. they'd be the reason for a painful misunderstanding or something, maybe.)

So today, though of course (besides some catching-up I still got to do) the reasons for doing so are still sad ones, nevertheless I'm just happy everyday I shed some.

When your soul is in pain or even dying, tears is the best medicine there is. That's what they're here for. (Well, at least saved mine from dying all over again this time.)

I was so far out
until you brought me back
I can even cry again
tears are a gift from heaven
missed them so much for so long
I'm so happy to see you again
it's the thing I want most in the whole world

(continued ...)

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