Saturday, June 24, 2006

Same old (a.k.a. Straight back to the middle ages)

Oops, been a bit lazy on the blog front lately. On other projects', too, I'm afraid. Probably some other people involved will not like me too much, and I'm not happy either.

Only stupid hassle here, stupid hassle there, and then, erm, some even more over there. A.k.a. tightening the screws. This time the landlord of our practice room, and the slaver e.g. not yet handing out sick pay from march, and the like and the like and so on. Becoming a regular megatrend this year. Getting squeezed out and f**ked over, usually so somebody somewhere can save some money on admin costs and then instead shove it well-you-know-where.

Gladly know how to mobilise sufficient back-up, but still a lot of time and energy down the drain for stuff they were obliged to fork over without even getting asked for in the first place anyway. A.k.a. even more unpaid overtime. Hello again.

Though looking at it from the bright side, if I find enough people willing to bet that next year it'll be anything else than just same ole tightening up some more again again, I'll be bloody rich myself and no more concerned by such petty end-user probs. Cause hey, face it, always at least one turn left, always. Wanna bet?

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