Sunday, June 25, 2006

Very few things more beautiful ...

Yesterday he pulled out the stitches. Still looking pretty well, the grafted skin already connected by arteries for good, veins building up. Should even be able going back making regular paid overtime from sunday on again. Plus shower the whole head, like first time in over a month.

Guess I'll give it 5 weeks to recover completely, getting the most urgent things done and myself into a slightly better shape again, before going back having the one on my right side cut off. Instead of by that time having gotten rid of all of them already, which was the original plan. Now it's going to be one after the other, and every time the skin on my throat will have to regrow first before getting harvested again. Gonna take it's bloody time.

The only thing I liked about being sick and mostly having to stay at home reading or watching dvds on my posh 2nd hand powerbook (not to mention trying to get some work done inbetween), was going to walk in the woods -- even more, making me going back there regularly.

Only missed very few sunsets. Like 2 times visiting relatives, 2 or 3 times too much rain, 2 shows, once going to the cinema and the day before yesterday even going to that gig of 14" GENERAL @ General Guisan Quai in Winterthur. Partly mates and lasses going back a long time and now being exiled in Germany, actually collaborating on a soon to be published pulps / book thing. Probably the first concert for over 6 weeks, though I was staying low and calm the whole nite. (Except pikeying two more small beers, and not sleeping really much, that is.)

Of course, the night after the surgery, being another one I didn't leave the flat eventually, had been the last one with an almost clear sky for a while. Tough heavy rain inbetween also has advantages, like cleaning the air. And the woods smell so nice after (fields too), varying on the predominat herbs, bushes n trees. Guess best air you can get without moving outta town way more than you could pedal back in convieniently.

Also like the wild strawberries. Black- and rasperries aren't ripe yet, while the broad-leaved garlic went by earlier before I was able walking off the ways again. Deadly nightshade just started to bloom. (Though that's nothing I'd put into my mouth while passing by, nor taking home for later consumption. Not everybody that lucky like this girlfriend of mine, who the next day in school couldn't read her test sheet cause still she could see only totally blurred, but at least recovered again after a while. And by the way am not into suicide either, thanks. Though sometimes I do take a derivate of its agent, but only locally and in prescripted doses.)

Generally love the light before and after sunset, red turning into blue. Obviously Tarkowsky used it a lot in his movies, too. Like it best when there's not too many clouds but a bit mist for the colours and also that the sun doesn't blind. There are very few things being more beautiful than the sun going down on a wide open sky in front of (mostly) grass, fields and trees. How could I miss this for so many years?

The place I usually go has a few public fireplaces (one even with a huge roof, woa). Lately a load of young blokes there, chatting and boozing. As I walk by, they turn around and then go all silent for a while. Surprise, surprise.

On the other hand, this girl in the train, when I was coming back from changing bandages. Unless it's rush hour, usually I have 4 seats for myself no problem, 2 as sure as I'd got 2 tickets. (Zurich local trains placed are grouped in 2 and 2 facing each other on each side of the rows.) So she comes along, seeing my compartment being the only one with 3 empty seats, makes half a step, the looks closer at me, hesitates a moment, but then goes for the seat, still looking at the lumps and bandage. Then she opens her mouth, and I already start rolling my eyes mentally, but instead of the usual line, first thing she says is 'Doesn't that hurt?'

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