Monday, June 26, 2006

And the winner of the Frankenstein Lookalike Contest is ...

Finally could remove the bandage.

Aw, f**k, that doesn't look nice! Not at all!

Not the back of my head! No, sir! Neither the sides! Nor on top either!

How it looked like 4 weeks later ...
© Anger 2006

Guess all in all it's at least about 12 inches of scars, plus the grafted area. And all in vain ...

The scar on top, necrotic wound lips finally healing 'best possible'.
Pic from about 2 weks ealier, just before the grafting surgery.
© Soulless 2006

Ok, was warned from the photos I got on disk for some days now (yeah, yeah, told you was a bit lazy recently ...). So I already knew it was quite a wee bit more than a 2 £ piece of not so long ago perfectly healthy scalp with then still all of the hair on it that he had to cut off in the end. And that mostly even where the skin recovered, the hair didn't.

Ok no. 2, also know it will look, erm, well, at least less worse in a few months or so, but still ...

Not to mention how it FEELS ... but that once again will be another story.

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