Monday, July 24, 2006

CAR PARK TERROR!!! (My way, of course)

Still quite warm, even in the middle of the night. Nice. Nonetheless, as soon as I finish work, usually get the cap off at once.

Arriving back home with my mate by car, looking for a parking lot, spotted this car sprawled all over two of them. Already started cheering about the local gang of 'parking experts'. But driving closer suddenly realised wasn't really parked, rsp. somebody sitting in it.

So we asked them to move a bit forward, that we could park our car, too. I.e. my mate asked me to ask them, cause the other car was on my side. So after explaining by handsignals didn't seem to work, put down the window, asking politely 'Sorry, couldn't you please move a bit forward etc.'

Still were just mortified. With this, erm, look on their faces I know just too well.

Only after my mate then asked again, suddenly seemed to understand and obliged, so he could eventually park the car despite the initial communication difficulties.

The reason for the latter of course being me not wearing the mandatory cap -- evil, evil, bad, bad me!

Though only when I told my mate, he realised, replying 'Um, yeah, actually was kinda wondering why she had her mouth open all the time saying nothing.'

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