Sunday, July 23, 2006

Gearing up for global destruction ... (Body Fascist Pt. 6)

Well, at least gearing up for the destruction of a certain lump on the right side of my head ... (To be perhaps somewhat more precise. Still couldn't resist stealing this line.) A.k.a. trying to get my body as much in shape again as possible for the next round of surgery.

Cause that's another thing that s*cks, not being allowed to do training post-surgery. Cause usually, as much as plenty rich food, nice air, decent sleep (and a few more things I won't go into right here), regular workouts and running is just what I need. Cause, as in the last 15 or so years learned the hard way, generally I feel way better when in shape.

Besides, in the meantime else wouldn't really last long enough for some activities I definitely like (and also would like to enjoy for a while longer). Cause, as I understand and also witness both on me and on others, the human body is constructed for a lifespan of maybe 30 years, then it's just done and starts decaying, and if you don't want entropy down on you real fast, better try keeping let's say at least in the rest of the shape you still got left.

So, call me a body-, fitness-, or whatever-fascist-you-like or not, though of course sometimes having to kinda force me doing so continously (and well, don't even always succeed), all in all I definitely like doing something for my body, too (also for some special reasons outlined here).

And on the other hand don't have too much sympathy or consideration for people neglecting their health as consistently as always going like, 'Ouch, me back! Me knees!' etc. (Still, seldom fails putting a smile on my face.)

(continued ...)

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