Saturday, July 22, 2006

Busy bee

Been working my a*s off for some bookprojects and related stuff. Made some nice progress, also cause in Berlin besides catching up sleep and other urgent things, had been plenty industrious preparing pictures etc.

Well, am afraid should've finished the whole book latest the year before last year or so (not to mention the other ones people keep nagging us about), but guess some other people involved will be quite relieved I'm making progress at all. Shame on me. It's so embarrassing.

Anyway will have to redo 14 pages in the image processing prog, since the bloody layout prog isn't swell enough for these. (Not to mention my tendon vaginitis just because the f**ker doesn't even work as it says in the manual, so better just don't let me getting started.) Plus the about 50 more pages I got to do till, um ... It's so embarrassing.

Besides, mostly been a good boy recently, always concealing the more subhuman aspects of my personality well behind a trusty (and of course mandatory) camo.

Erm, except indoors sometimes, and in busses and trains, cause it's still really just too hot. Though I've to admit the people in the co-op house in Berlin I could stay again sure are decent. And in public transports, hey, who cares. (At least not me, usually.)

Plus the other odd exception. Namely this cellar party near Sama32 I was mentioning earlier, with some french grind/crust bands still kicking ok when I eventually arrived. Not much oxygen left anymore, though, while temperature and moisture up to the hilt. Was sweating profusely even before being able to stash my ruck properly. So in the end took the cap off and even my shirt, like virtually all the other guys, and went dancing. Which was when I saw this other girl I'd been hanging around with earlier in spring, and exchanging few mails thereafter. Though obviously she'd never really seen me without cap before. VERY obviously not.

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