Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thirteen days to go

There's not many things I like more than sunsets at 14'000 ft. Unfortunately just missed another today. Would've pereferred going a plane later, at least this time of the year. If I could've gone late May to the congress as originally intended, at least would've had one on the way up.

Back in Zurich just in time for not really having to actually hurry before getting off to work again. Looking at my bed after unpacking my special lump-proof pillow and throwing it on top of mattress, covers and the other pillow, suddenly felt 'ouch!' and 'drip, drip'. Welcome home ...

Ok, of course there's whole oceans much, much worse things or physical pain than the few drops I had to go through last time. And next time hopefully it'll be by far not even that again.

Still nothing much like remembering a pain you'd already almost forgotten, and then realising: More to come soon.

13 days to go.

And yup, just by the way: For a change had joined Boarding Group A (probably the second time since I finished my 20 years personal boycott of flying 3 years ago).

Security No. 6! Actually finished checking in before the desk even officially opened!

Ok, who'd predicted I'd stumble out of the U-Bahn at Rudow exactly when a direct shuttle to the airport rolled in, literally only for me (no one else boarded), saving me at least a quart of an hour of stops (not to mention accepting my regular ticket for the whole transfer worth the incredible amount of 2 Euro 10). But, though having to return the bike and also collecting stuff here and there across Kreuzberg und Friedrichshain earlier, in my book trips back to the base don't count anyway.

Still got plenty time to burn at Schoenefeld airport before boarding, specially with no free wifi available. So I wrote something, and started something else on the plane. Though just once more am afraid you won't be able to read that till let's say another few more hundred miles down the road or so.

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