Thursday, July 13, 2006

Magic Camo

Rained a few drops tonight, but else still sun and sweltering heat all the time. So when going outside during the day, in addition to having to treat all them scars (and as said it's a f**king lot of them) daily with a special cream, also have to put on sunblocker. (And I won't even start about it getting in my eyes cause of course with enough sweat it starts coming down.)

Also where I did the first show, was pretty warm. So heatwise was lucky the beamer just giving up the ghost as soon as I had plugged everything, so in the end did it in the bar more upfront which was a bit cooler. Still for once way too hot to wear a cap (actually the first time this year).

Funny thing though was after the show. Went for another beer with a mate to a place just around the corner, outside and cool enough allowing me to stop 'terrorizing everybody', i.e. being a good boy and putting on the camo again.

So we sat there talking, when suddenly this lass said she had peeked into the other joint earlier (obviously without noticing us there), and that there was something really strange going on, with this guy witch such, erm, things on his head, uh ...

Abacadabra, I'm another person.

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