Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lack of sleep is a hard drug


Finally airborne to Berlin for some more shows. For a while didn't think I'll make it. Have to admit, I'm terrible when it comes to departures. I mean, last time it was real bad, in the end finished packing my luggage in the car en route to the airport. So I made sure to do better this time, and for a change even managed to sleeping 4 hours (which just had to be, cause didn't get really much more in the 2 nights before together).

Already the week before had been a bit hectic, specially this one meeting 12 am before which in the end didn't sleep at all either, and still so many things I should've done last year.

Wounds healing up ok, though mostly itching awfully; zillion gnats'd be holidays, especially with the summerheat on. Plus every once in a while also still just plain hurts, which actually doesn't help too much with getting stuff done and getting decent sleep either. At least also could do some minor work outs inbetween (funny being back on the Altstetten Finland style sawdust track again, but no snow), saw some more nice sunsets (already going down earlier again, and more to the left). Even got my 15 minutes in the sun twice (though only from below the throat downwards, you can bet). Plus not to mention going to a few parties.

And yeah, not to forget the usual people-gaping-getting-silent-in-mid-sentence every once in a while, like when walking in the wooods and they really stayed mute till I was around the next corner.

Of course also the usual problems with harddrives and diskspace etc. while getting my powerbook ready for the trip this morning, but still went ok and when we went off to the airport still had a well not too huge but still nice safety margin included. Alas, still managed to f**k up completely. Just when we drove onto the highway already outside zurich realised I left the one bag I definitely couldn't do without at all. Stoopid, stoopid, STOOPID me!

Ok, I'm used to be among the last 5 or 10 passengers to check in, but as said this time really thought had blown it for good. That was sheer luck (and hopefully no speeding tickets in the mail next week). Am afraid sometimes I'm just a bloody nuisance.

Nevertheless still got a window seat as usual (though no, won't give away the tricks of the trade here), even only 2 rows next to my favourite one.

Now I'm already there, dragged the luggage up to the 6th floor. (Am I glad I can bring as many handluggage as I can lift into the plain -- one of my other 'specialities', I'm afraid, again. Only this bloody dictionary for I need for some translation stuff for INJUSTICE I also have to get started yesterday is more than 3 kilograms.)

At the moment am sitting at Sama32, which is nice, and also wifi for free. Just finished the flyers for next week's screening. So have some idle time to finally post something again before going over some houses checking if the bands are still on.

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