Monday, August 14, 2006

'Got pills?'

Still couldn't resist going to this party in the end. Pikey as usual, this time even with an official guest badge, whoa. Open air goa thing, course raining like buckets, so settled for the 2nd floor within a circus tent (right up in front of the subwoofers in case you didn't guess).

Actually felt more than just a little bit outta shape. Also still had to be careful not swinging around my head too wildly so as not to lose my bandage or even some skin. So I kept in low gear, also intoxicationwise. Which means besides a little weedstuff I only had one pint of beer (though for obvious reasons didn't smoke the earlier), and only could feel the wound wee bit once.

Lots of the other folks doing pills, though. Ok by me, it's just like don't feel the need of doing so myself, also without the sore head. Give me a decently hedonistic beat, solid sound pressure at the lower end of the frequency spectrum and I'm off then as wild and crazy as I'll ever be without anything in addition. Besides I have this thing, when I'm among people being high on whatever I just kinda am on it too anyway. Funny, but that's how it is.

Problem is, no one seems to believe, obviously even when I'm actually restraining myself on the floor. So, as long as I go with full gear incl. compulsory camo, there's still the other inevitable question I never seem to be able escaping from.

They'd come on to the floor, look around a bit, and then they'd come up straight to me and ask, 'Hey, got pills? Don't know anybody who does?' And when I reply, 'Sorry, no, don't do, don't know,' they look at me frowning like I'd be taking the mickey.

There was even this guy once, tapping at my shoulder, looking into my face, insisting, 'I want exactly the pill you had,' and when I said I didn't he absolutely wouldn't believe.

Now I'm aware I'm getting big pupils many times for reasons I still can't exactly figure, and yes, I like going berserk as you might know, even hey, as someone once told me, maybe I'm really being a bit stuck on a good trip since I-don't-know-anmore.

But the rest, really beats me.

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