Wednesday, August 16, 2006

'Too female' (Beyond Pain Pt. 4)

Recently in Beyond Pain: 'the secret nature of pain' in (Pt. 1 & Pt. 2) However, concerning my recent surgery, what really hurt, was when it didn't hurt anymore, but just went numb forever - luckily only at the back of my head ... (Pt. 3).

I mean, ok, I know and do consider, what happened to the back of my head was a mishap, not really being typical for the average process. But also every other surgical scars I have, whether botched up royally like these on my arm, ok like e.g. the one down at the side of my belly, or even state of the art like the ones down on my throat where he'd harvested the skin for grafting, fact is, they're all not as sensitive as they were and the whole parts also don't feel like they used to anymore.

Especially concerning the more, erm, delicate aspects of perception.

Now, besides the aforementioned lips, just one more example of another relatively innocent body part often submitted to plastic surgery. I mean, at least in my humble opinion, what the feck's the use of a small, sleek, elegant nose, when it's no more fun doing the good ole Innuit game anymore? (I.e. nose-kissing, in case you didn't know.)

Anybody can fill me in?

(Ok, at least partly only a rhetorical question of course, hinting at 'our' culture's predominance of the visual sense, while at the same time denying touch as a mere 'mild collisions of flesh', as Jim Morrison once put it in 'Eyes'. Not to mention the many people, mostly women I'm afraid, though not only, for whom sex is just a necessary evil to marry a guy or girl with lotsa cash, so probably they're better off numb anyway.)

Cause, as you all might've guessed or, despite this being a topic usually not too much talked about in public, even do positively know from one source or another, there's also loads and loads of less 'innocent' parts and cases suffering from 'side effects' of plastic surgery (and just by the way, cesarians as well).

A rather drastic example probably being this one recently reported in in brief by a local Sunday tabloid about 'Switzerlands most well-known trans-sexual', having undergone 14 surgeries to become a woman:

'For eight years, I didn't have an orgasm anymore', Nadia Broennimann complains, 'when still being a man, at least I could help myself ...' The many surgeries had destroyed the genital nerves. 'It's enough to make you weep, cause no doctor can help me.'

Now, even though there may be plenty other, way less castration related (but still perhaps even worse) cases where you could say the same:

If that's not buggered but good, then what is?

(No further comment by the way concerning the short article's original title: 'Too female' ...)

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