Sunday, August 27, 2006

Rancid body parts, neatly packed in Tesco bags

Sat drove to Bavaria with my mate to visit author Helmut K. Schmid a.k.a. Ive Steen. In the late forties he had written a pulp series loosely related to the other one we're doing this delusion of grandeur style book project about, and that'll also be at the core of this course we'll be lecturing at the university. Actually he'll be part of that too, coming to zurich with his wife to be interviewed during a lesson, and also for a book premiere of our reprints of his series, something we're all really looking forward to.

Was really nice, and as usual also had unearthed some treasures from his attic, this time besides books and pamphlets by or related to his fellow author Paul Alfred Müller of SUN KOH fame, even some unpublished manuscripts by himself of which we're about to publish one for the book premiere in November.

After having a delicious dinner, for my mate and me came the less tasty part, i.e. rinsing and desinfecting the infected lump. For the surgeon to be able having a weekend off and for us to do this little trip at all, he had instructed us to do the daily changing of dressing etc. ourselves and also handed and prescripted me the necessary gear like hypos, disinfecant, compresses and stuff.

So we washed our hands and sterilised them, laid out all the gear and went at it. Soon found out that we'll be doing a better job first squeezing the lump empty (well, as empty as possible) before incting the first round of hydrogen peroxide.

Stuff coming out still smelling awful. Since we were doing it for the first time, still practicing kind of, took quite a while, and we also wasted some gear till we finally succeeded in having all the rinses done, filling the lump one last time with betadine, cutting a drainage out of a part of the thumb of a sterile surgeon's glove and inserting it, plus bandaging everything, and then cleaning the bathroom up again.

In the end had a nice pile of ugly smelling waste (though admitteldy more from bodily fluids with only a small percentage of actual parts in it), which we definitely wanted to take with us to depose of in a waste bin on the road, but unfortunately had failed to bring something with us to put the whole mess in. Which was when the two Tesco bags buried at the bottom of my ruck just came in handy. Filled them both but good.

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