Thursday, September 07, 2006

... but doing fine

Eventually off to Berlin. The people of the Arcanoa, letting us have the room next to their workshop above the bar, had some hassle to bring the keys over to where we'd've been able to pick them up. Now all in vain since we arrived with some days delay anyway. Fortunately still weren't annoyed.

Was nice seeing the lads and lasses again, also going back to the Sama Cafe for free wifi, getting emails sorted and replied, shaping and sending out jpgs for the flyers and posters. Looks like in the very last instant still some sort of small tour eventually kicking off.

Plus got this meeting sorted for a dvd project, looking sound ...

Also was pleased to learn that Prof. Hoffmann, with whom we're on the Paul Leppin book project, liked my additions to the commentaries, which I had written and sent him the night before we went off to Dresden instead of sleeping.

Still too much on the varios to-do-lists (not to mention daily dressing sh*te), but still nice obviously at least some done right ...

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