Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Nasty as usual ...

Fortunately topping the dried up medical supplies in Dresden was less difficult than anticipated despite me not carrying any prescription with me. Also my brother able pointing us towards a competent pharmacy.

Of course also on day 3 still loads of the ugly stuff coming out, but eventually getting better and also the smell starting to fade. Still blocking the kitchen inbetween to do it. Once my brother's wife's father come in to look after the cooking, but since during his time in the Army he'd been sent to the vietnam for a radio mission, but in the end nonetheless ending up at the frontline, he'd definitely seen definitely uglier things already.

Fortunately the small lump developing nicely. Today should've be the last time to do it, as suggested by my regular doctor. If the large one also would react similarly, should be able taking a flight one week later than originally planned, after having returned to Zurich and got the cut nerve on my hand sorted. So I rebooked and started worrying considerably less.

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