Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Relaxing in the hospital

Back in Zurich, just having returned from the appointment cause of the hand. Actually nothing new, though. Just that on request were a bit more specific concerning how long till I might hopefully regain perception of the numb parts of the finger. Like up to two years.

Also said with a gash of that size was to be expected some nerves would've been cut. Then instructed me how to 'desensitize' the truncated nerve, hoping it won't develop the painful nodes. (Well, who wouldn't? Dear God, please make 2+2=5!)

Coolest thing though was realising in the hospital nobody giving me stupid looks cause of the head dressing at all. Either people would be members of the staff and used to all forms and sizes of bandages, or else patients mostly sporting one themselves and also more focused on their own one than going on about other people's.

So whenever stupid people would be getting too much on my nerves, now just know where to go relaxing some ...

Till I get too worried about stupid resiliant strains, probably.

continue ...

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