Sunday, September 10, 2006

'Zit P*rn'

Stills from vid © Cecil B. Feeder / Seelenlos 2006
Blutgeil Case Show went nice @ SO36. Also enjoyed the rest of the program, especially Cecil B. Feeder's 'Meter Maid Me Massacre'. Also seeing some other people again.

Cecil had his handycam with him and would have time tomorrow afternoon. So we teased him about shooting something 'kinda nasty'. Next day at noon met up at Jason's, Anger n me already covering the lower bathroom first with sheets of plastic followed by white paper on top.

The script being, we'd do mainly the daily routine of desinfecting and redressing the lumpies, but without a waste bag, dropping and spilling everything just on the white floor ...

Actually spilling quite far! Not every time that much fun while going at it, too. Cecil zooming in nicely, even the bits'n'bobs on the floor after, soaking in delicious iodyne. As I had a chance to glimpse at the tape in the camera while chatting a bit, before Cecil had to head out towards Hamburg. He also was the one to bring up the cool'n'funny 'Zit Lover' flick first, saying the guy who did it definitely would like seeing this.

Though having to go through the routine every day, never never was able to see it before. Didn't know it looked that gross.

Ok, of course everybody's been joking about the symbolic aspects all the time, including myself. Like, hydrogenperoxide solution bubbling out of the hole of the big one. Spilling it out. Injecting some more. Kinky!

While when emptying it at the beginning the stuff coming out looking like blood, trickling down my forehead. Woa, yuck! Am dying to see the whole tape back in Zurich. Not to mention cutting it up to a decent beat later.

Also eventually got some more gigs confirmed, booking more planes'n'busses before prices going up, hoping I'd somehow be able catching them.

Stills from vid © Cecil B. Feeder / Seelenlos 2006

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