Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Security No. 23

On my way to Dublin now. Was lucky the other night. Already considering what to borrow from the free shop to have it a little warmer sleeping outside this time (and also keeping my own clothers a bit tidy for immigration etc.), when eventually some slowakian guy and his flatlasses I asked said could crash at their place. Not to mention getting a proper shower'n'all! Woa! Even fetched me a mattress, blankets, the works! Thanx a lot, mate!

Screening went ok, though mostly surprise show like and not really overpacked. Am bloody knackered by now. Guess no wonder having slept maybe 8-10 hours in the last four days TOGETHER (before last nite, that is).

Lumpies done allright no prob. Actually the very first guy I asked said ok and that was it. Phew! Cause else can get quite annoying. Especially cause the later it gets, the more nervous I get myself. So thanx again, nice one!

Funny, how he, like the other last evening, after agreeing immediately wanted to know, 'How come you asked ME?' As I told them, gut feeling, plus considering if the potential victim on the one hand doesn't seem too squeamish while at the same time sober, disciplined and cleanly enough.

Also everybody asking why I'd prefer not going to a hospital but instead having it done by strangers in dubious places, but up to now they all had heard about resiliant strains, you bet.

Thanx for nothing to the people of the cafe one more time, though. (Ok, except for letting me bunker my stuff there in a stash room, especially over night came in handy.)

Best part was, when after getting up and walking a bit, buying some apples, yoghurt etc., coming back when the guys of the day shift already being there preparing some stuff, though the cafe wasn't open yet. Not having had one for more than 24 hours now, was just dying for a proper muesli. Only when getting the gear out in order to mix and soak the cereals, the one guy starting, that they'd want so sell food in here, so I wasn't allowed to prepare some of my own.

Feck, no, wouldn't drag all the various bags outside for doing that, no way. Still insisted, or else he'd have me removed from the cafe etc. Plus accusing me of threatening him when I said I wouldn't comply. In the end just looked him in the eye saying, 'Look, you can call the cops or do whatever you want, but I'm just gonna soak these cerals here now,' turned around and went at it, ignoring him completely.

Suddenly him coming over, introducing himself politely, allowing me to soak the cereals as long as the cafe wasn't open yet, but I'd have to go eat it outside. Which was what I'd intended anyway, incl. grating the apples in etc.

By the way, bums on the bench outside were a lot friendlier, making some room, offering me booze'n'drinks. (Though not digging me hardly going at it. Ok, can't say didn't feel some inclination kissing sobriety goodbye but good, but still had a bit too much on my back incl. the lumpies.)

Still wasn't too sad securing me my usual favourite window seat the next day. Even check-in absolutely painless for a change, wow! Not to mention the security no. being the same like me birthday.

(Though despite what beloved William Burroughs said, sometimes kinda doubt the latter really being a lucky number. Don't know why, usually just hate birthdays. Specially me owns. Probly some traumatizing childhood memories I successfully supressed long time ago. Still rather optimistic 'bout the future, though. Beyond rationality, cure or hope, I'm afraid.)

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