Monday, September 18, 2006

Smells like trouble (one more time)

While rinsing the lumpies with hydrogenperoxide only (which decays to ordinary water quickly when losing the excess oxygen atom while bubbling) seems working fine for the big one, the small b*stard (rsp. what's coming out when emptying it before injecting the 1st rinse) just smells, erm, smelly, again. So when done with 2x peroxide and before putting on a new bandage, no way but filling it up with something more agressive that'll continue killing the germs off as soon as they start crawling out from hidden wrinkles inside where even the bubbling didn't reach them. Which was when the 500 ml bottle of iodyne once more came in handy.

GP not happy about returning to daily iodyne again, though agreed would be the lesser evil as compared to taking the risk of the germ affecting not only the lump cavities but also the scalp. Fortunalely I remembered some other desinfectant the surgeon had used in between, which would be considrably less nasty on my tissue and body than the iodyne. So wrote me another prescription, advising me to alternate between the new stuff and the iodyne.

Sh*te, if I'll have to carry enough of all of this with me for three weeks, that'll be a bloody huge load. Nevertheless, like the surgeon, having worked in clinics in the UK for some years, also the GP suggested it'd probably be less trouble and dodgy dragging all the stuff and equipment along and having the whole thing done by laymen, as compared to having to visit a hospital daily, though my health assurance would pay for going there. No point taking the risk of replacing the relatively harmless and perfectly vulnerable-to-penicilline germ by something way more nasty

Still, probably also mentally a heavy luggage, every day having to find somebody unsqueamish enough to help me out. Though probably all in all still considerably less heavy than dealing with resilient strains.

Anyway, got some dates and flights booked, and don't want to miss any again. Still will have getting used to being tied down locally for longer than 6-9 weeks at once due to uni soon enough. After coming back, that is.

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