Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Too much luggage is my middle name (not to mention bandage)

Right, got all I'll need from the farmacy. F**king huge pile! Means due to the recent handluggage restrictions doesn't look good at all. Also there's no way getting any reliable info about how much I could get on board at a swiss airport. I.e. on the airline's homepage there are at least three different versions online, each claiming to be the relevant one.

Concerning questions related to medical equipment there's an online contact page, saying in case of questions not covered by the FAQ, please give us a ring. You do so, and there's an automated menue message saying, get in touch via the contact page. Well, f**k you very much indeed. Welcome to the big prison outside.

Eventually decided just having a go, bracing myself probably having ro reconfigure the luggage at the check-in. My mate Anger doing me the favour of persuading my GP to print out and sign a new and more extensive list of prescriptions in case I should get in trouble at the border or elsewhere with the lovely hypos, needles, liquids etc. So for once despite even more last sec hassle went off to the airport incl. like an acceptable safety margin in case of, erm, any unexpected slight trouble while checking in.

Well, surprise, surprise, trouble there was, and plenty too. Not concerning the medical gear, though. Thanks to the GPs prescription could check it in for free. But turned out, despite what's written on the homepage I'm not allowed to take the laptop as an additional piece of handluggage. Ok, sigh, so I'll have to pack it into the one box I'd tailored to what's seems to be the max size allowed, plus as much of the rest as would fit, and then that's it.

But the woman behind the counter really into acting the c*nt. The moment I arrived with the box plus the laptop in addition to the regular check-in luggage, her eyes lit up. As if she was a major share holder something. And of course just kept insisting I'll have to check in the box, '50 quid, please.' Obviously, at the end of the day, that's what these new 'anti terrorist' baggage restrictions really seem to be about.

Even the better, when I told her no way, that I'll just pack all into one box and what won't fit my mate would take back, her telling me my box being 'way too big' to be allowed as handluggage. Though wouldn't tell me what the allowed max size then would be either. Just kept on insisting that my box definitely'd be too big, and that I'd have to pay the 50 quid.

After some minutes arguing, actually could feel my eyes lightening up as well, though wee bit in a different manner. Even kinda seemed to work. Eventually she gave in, admitting that every handluggage'd be fine as long as it'd fit into the basket. Which my tailored box of course did no prob.

Right, at least that one solved. Still couldn't resist adding, 'Ok, happy now, so I can go repacking my stuff?' Well, rhetorical question, of course she wasn't exactly happy, though there wasn't anything she could do except telling me I'd have to step aside and queue again after.

Frankly hurt more having to leave most of my beloved organic cereals, and even more the 2nd ruck. At least managed jamming in the complete crushed soy beans for my kinky metabolism, plus the chocolat for people who'd let me sleep at their place or (hopefully) help me out with the lumpies.

When Anger borrowed a tape from her to seal the also repacked medical box, used up quite a lot, just to show her.

Of course she went on some more that she wasn't really sure if I could check in the medical liquids, I'd have to bring the box over to outsize baggage to have them screened if they're really ok (which -- surprise, surprise -- they were).

Though still am not too sure why in the end she'd written me boarding group A on the card, despite my security no being 108 which rather'd've been C at least. Blame it on the bandage. Still a nice one, thanks.

So got my usual favourite window seat 100% bone lazy, enjoying the flight incl. a special sightseeing turn over the Smoke, looking out for my favourite cycling bridges, borroughs I've been staying and will walk again. Plus even getting some more work done, woa.

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