Thursday, September 21, 2006

21st century as we all love it

Woke up with a bang, i.e. realising my mobile which I used as alarm clock was still set to swiss time. Means got up one hour late, having ten minutes to pack everything and run for the bus. Silly me. There goes my breakfast plus the other muesli I intended taking with me on the bus up north.

Ok, just glad had most of the repacking already done before going for a quick sleep (incl. marking the handluggage box where to recut it so it'd fit also to the even more profitable, erm, strict UK handluggage restrictions).

Still, finally reaching Victoria Bus Station exactly 9 o'clock, was at the verge of a heart attack. Not to mention puffing, drenched in sweat and the like. Only to find out that the bus would have plenty delay. Actually 90 minutes in the end. Which means, could've prepared n eaten all and even more no prob. Well, better than the bus being off early and me still having to pay again, I guess.

At least had all my batteries loaded over night, so when finally en route could listen to music all day long. Even getting some more work done till the laptop eventually gave up the ghost and went into hibernation mid sentence. Hey, better'n the bus, like last time, remember?

Unfortunately decent food (if available at all) at the stops would've been very expensive, so just opted for an apple and a bottle of water, eating the soy beans unsoaked and just like that, jailhouse style. Well, better'n nothing at all, innit? Though still filled with awe thinking of all the nice stuff I'd bought yesterday evening, which I had to leave in order to make it to the bus station on time.

By the way, when going over to the supermarket, some black girls yelling after me. Turns out were flabbergasted by the bandages. At first thinking can't be, must be my hair. But after being reassured, one saying she was wondering cause she started growing a small lump at the forehead herself, though hardly visible yet. When realising the size of mine under the bandage and hearing about the daily routine, said 'God bless you.'

God bless you, too. Know I'm moaning all the time, so just this once and for the record: Despite all my troubles, healthcare going down the drain etc., from all I know from UK mates and lasses, just consider myself lucky not having to depend on british NHS.

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