Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A view to 'a walk in the park'

About time to put up some more tasty pics, I guess. Namely the ones of the last session at the beautyfarm. So here we go.

Since this one, unlike others, had been less painful and also without complications in the aftermath (well, at least concerning the lump that'd been cut off), had dubbed it 'a walk in the park' just after.

Though that's not exactly what it looks like, I'm afraid.

Opening shot of course still harmless enough. After the earlier surgeries the lump in question for mysterious reasons had shrunk to some extent, so can't actually say on the pic below it was bigger than ever. But still, at least bigger than for the rest of my life, you bet!

© Soulless 2006
As you can see below, at first the surgeon only made a small cut of about an inch, then started squeezing out what would come. When first looking at these pics after the operation, little did I know that the look of all the lovely stuff oozing out with all its even lovelier bits'n'pieces pretty soon would be something I'd be more than familiar with, not to mention on a day-to-day basis.

Like two and a half weeks later having to squeeze all that tasty stuff out of the rest of the (partly even bigger) infected lumps myself or with the help of my mate, that is. (Ok, minus almost all of the blood of course, but with that REALLY lovely rencid smell in addition due to the infection.)

Still remember these afternoons in Dresden, bent over a waste bag, seeing all this stuff pouring into it without end ... Lovely indeed.

And as always, just because it was so nice and very much fun, just go on and squeeze some more ... a bit harder now, yes ... incoming, incoming ...

Whoa, did you see the size of that mother?! (Guess else nobody would believe me that ever, or would you?)

Albeit, just to increase the fun part, on the infected ones the (puncture-)holes where a lot smaller. Though not the size of the chunks whitin, definitey not I'm afraid. So now you can perhaps imagine, how very much fun (not to mention labour) it was, getting the bigger (not to mention the bloody huge) ones through an opening of only a few millimeters. And also why it took so long, till they were at least hafway more or less empty.

Cause, you can squeeze as much as you want, sure, but still you can't get it all out, no way. (Actually, even now after some WEEKS of daily squeeze, there's still more chunks every once in a while, not to mention blocking the opening again etc.)

Now, which amounts were talking here exactly can be further explored quite well below ... (Yuck!)

Ok, though I'm used to such and other tasty stuff for long enough now to be able to eat and enjoy my meal while reformatting such nicely coloured pictures no sweat (by the way, seen these yet? WARNING!), admittedly can understand if others say finding them, erm, a wee bit grossish.

But back to the task at hand (drip, drip, spurt). As shown above, after the surgeon had squeezed all out which could possibly be, at least he was lucky enough to just cut the whole thing open to get the rest out by more brutish methods, instead of just cooming back for another squeeze for the next six and a half weeks.

And yup, there you can see which hideous amounts are still hidden within the bastard. Looks like there'd been nothing coming out yet, doesn't it?

Also on the above pic it's clearly recognisable how the thing inside actually is built like loads a different bubbles within a bubble. Which is also why by squeezing alone there's no chance getting the thing empty, cause at least some of the bubbles attached to the sides and at the bottom over the skull you just can't get like that. Also note the layer of cyst-skin of the big bubble encapsulating the smaller ones below the actual (normal) skin.

And that's how it looks after he'd scraped out the rest as well, plus already cut away some of the excess skin. As you may notice, blood donation still going on, drip,drip, splosh, despite the anaesthesist hardly been too tight on mixing adrenaline to the venal drip, plus the bigger vessels already been closed by zapping them with special electric tweezers for good.

Here's the part he'd eventually removed from the bottom, seen upside down, i.e. the part above the skull now on top.

© Soulless 2006
And finally, the perfectly tailored skin skillfully stitched to the rest. Note the drainage made of some piece of sterile surgical glove on bottom. Though these ones give ugly scars when needed to be left there for more than just a very few days, always cherished them. Cause if the wound is still bleeding inside under the closed skin and then the blood is stuck below, this can give the expression 'bloody f**king headache' a whole new meaning, at least in my case.

Fortunately this time could do without drainage pretty soon. Which I consider nice also cause else the drainage usually has to be changed daily. Like the old one pulled out, then a new one cut out of the thumb of a glove and this then shoved inside by tweezers, all better done a 100% sterile of course -- a procedure about which my mate could tell you a story or two as well, cause he'd been the victim having to do this more than once.

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