Monday, September 25, 2006

Sleeping rough in Edinburgh

Looks like this cafe whe're I'm supposed to screen INJUSTICE next day gone bit down since I've last been there 8 months ago. Still the calendar of events of Aug on their homepage, wrong film title on the chalkboard, no flyers, you name it.

Also two days before I departed the guy suddenly saying 'can't guarantee' he could get me a place to crash (though shouldn't be a prob, he said). Turns out, actually more like 'absolutely no way, and don't think I'd give a flying f**k about it either'.

Still was lucky finding someone to do the dressing. First the guy behind the bar had said he'd do it. Till it was about to be done, that is. The other guy did a good job, though the cafe was already closing down and he had to run to find the people he was staying with.

The guy from the cafe I had set up the whole thing with of course didn't show (for the whole time I was there actually), and all the other cafe folk saying they'd no place for somebody to stay. Just like everybody else I asked.

Now I can see they're a bit overrun by the increasingly homeless local population, so I can understand they have to draw a line somewhere, but actually I'd still say my case being a wee bit different.

Already amusing were the excuses they started coming up with in reply. Going to a hostel for 15 quid a night for starters (though they wouldn't give me the dosh either, in the end also not for the busticket). Really a good one was, 'Go to the hospital, say you're sick and sleep there. I really think you need to see a doctor.' Almost as brilliant as 'Call 999 and ask for help. They'll know which institution you can go.'

Aw, gimme a break. Just collected some cardboard and posters and crashed right in front of the door of the cafe, where I'd stay dry in case of rain, safe behind the locked bars of the entrance, so nobody could give me a free kickin while I'm dozing.

Already paid off I also some thicker trousers in my oversized luggage, and also a same hoodie. Of course in still could've donned some more layers, cause despite the cardboard, in the end needed the short jacket only to sit on. Still remember having slept in the woods, when suddenly it started raining all nite long, me peeing blood for almost a week and always a bit struggling since, so better safe than sorry. So whenever I got else a bit cold, chewed on some more soy, heating myself up digestion.

All f**king day and now also the night and still no decent muesli yet, now that's hard. Plus actually not having slept too much for almost a week now, traffic being quite loud and me always coming to when someone not walking straight past. And probably the next night same again.

Ok, still beats no soy at all or walking all night long. (Not to mention whichever, but far away from the gulf stream.)

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