Monday, October 02, 2006

Boozing up for the weekend

Still quite knackered, but nonetheless once more at the airport quite early. Boarding en-oh double-oh-six, haw. Despite some minor trouble while checking in (the very first time I had to weight my handluggage, oops -- plus a short discussion cause of my medical supplies, followed by a frantic phonecall that eventually set things straight), in the end passed security no sweat n fast.

Of course then the plane was late again. So plenty time getting some more stuff done till securing my usual favourite window seat. Only to find out the plane'd be stuck at the airport one more hour before getting allocated a new slot and eventually being allowed to take off. Not to mention the airline company in question jamming in the seats even narrower. So for a change left the powerbook in the box and instead dug some more into one of the books I got while stalking Dublin's 2nd hand shops (guess why my handluggage was overweight ), written by an ex-garda bout her stint on 'suicide proof' Store St Stn (not too much to the delight of some other guards obviously -- see comment).

Derry was cool. Nice people, some interesting stuff going on before the show and two concerts thereafter, not to mention got this nice hi rez vid bout the Dublin riots fuelled by some recent deaths in custody I was on about earlier. Even some more dosh.

Unfortunately as usual concerts over while me just geared up. Plus all over the town a pretty strict closing time in effect at midnight and no decent clubs nowhere at all. Or at least nobody I asked knew about some, though can't really imagine there wouldn't be any somewhere.

Of course when the pubs closed, most people just spilling onto the street, partying on. Everybody staying outside, getting even more pissed. Cops driving their rounds having an eye on them. Reminded me of where I grew up. Though people here drinking considerably harder while smoking way less. Not to mention the coppers looking a bloody lot nastier, boa-ey. No wonder most comments about my bandages involving them. Uh, guess I'm luck-y.

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