Sunday, October 08, 2006

Breaking and entering

Phew, that was a near thing! Had to go out do some stuff yesterday afternoon which took a bit longer, so only returned after 8pm looking for the victim of the day helping me with the bandages n stuff. Now as said before, the later the evening gets, the more difficult the task, not to mention on a saturday when most folks have other things in mind and/or are not exactly capable anymore anyway. For some bloody HOURS kept harassing EVERYBODY, but turned out nobody being willing or able.

Already started considering doing it myself in front of a mirror (as well as possible that'd be), when finally met this guy living up the street coming home who agreed helping me out once more and really, really made my day. Actually rather early morning when we finished, but still not too late for donning one of my trusty magic caps, walking over to Aldgate and and burn some money by hitting a cheaply priced club, going moderately apesh*t. Subwoofers definitely a bit small for my taste, but as for the tweeters, boy was I glad having some earplugs with me!

Of course on return to thee rampART finding the door locked and nowhere nobody available with keys or at least some crashspace till noon. Tried hard for a while waking somebody up, also up the street and round the corner, but didn't succeed. So in the end opted for breaking and entering, which was't particularly easy cause the people running the squat are used to these sort of customers, so their countermeasures were tried and proven. For obvious reasons won't go into the details, let's just say didn't actually break anything but nonetheless hit the sack with some pretty deep scratches on my right hand and up the arm, ouch.

Punishment follows swiftly ... Going to the toilet after waking up, through the window spotted a minor invasion of dark blue bullet proof vests plus the occasional hi viz accessory crowding the alley in front of the building. Uh-oh. Nah, didn't expect them being here for me, even less for breaking and entering a squat. Despite had zero inclination of becoming a collateral damage of whichever operation either. Turns out, there's a Sack Parliament meeting going on below and as usual the Forward Intelligence Team plus reinforcements eager taking the picture of everybody entering or leaving the building, or else ... They were quite persistent, but fortunately went before I had to leave the house.

'Forward intelligence' spelled out: FIT @ Gleneagles G8, 2005
(Photo © Guy Smallman)


Anonymous said...

you're welcome! thx for reading and leaving a comment (as you've probly seen up to now don't get pretty much) cheers, matt

Anonymous said...

no prob, you're appreciated as you are, hope you'll enjoy. thx again n cheers, matt