Wednesday, October 18, 2006

File under typical (a.k.a. Back to the middle ages Pt. 2)

As I wrote, smelled like the whole small department of my day- respectively nighttime job at the newspaper getting sacked pretty soon for some weeks now. Recently my mates learned some more details at the workplace, making it rather a definitive, though our employers still busy denying everything. With the same details plus a report in a paper, also became clear another department going to fold in just as well. Surprise, surprise, the employers didn't bother telling them either.

Business as usual, a.k.a. straight back to the middle ages. And while I'm at it, don't ask me how many months till I'll have my sick benefits transferred to my account, again, and by the way I mean all of it and not just a fraction. Not to mention the many times they tried pulling a fast one by having us sign new contracts, claiming the pay'd be just the same while actually being a quarter or third less. Oh lovely, in future will have to pay only 2/3 of rent, health insurance etc, hawhawhaw. Whereas all the time, the company's profits going up, not down.

Well, actually turned out to be a 'misunderstanding', the discrepancies with the new contracts. At least that's what they said every time as soon as we were able getting us some back-up to expose the whole deal. Suddenly getting them back at the table, adding the 'overseen' wage elements pronto.

Looks like now we're getting it for not letting them f**k us over earlier. Ok, I'm aware that actually I'm still off comparatively well. Nonetheless reckon some greedy bastards will never learn until one morning waking up to why again the lovely ways of peers and serfs never lasted forever yet. Business as usual just as well, though I wouldn't hold my breath.

Anyways, when eventually all of the mates got an invitation to a surprise meeting at short notice, no big guessing bout the agenda item. And surprise, surprise, turns out we were just about right. Looks like next year I might be on the dole for the first time in my life.

Still a bit shaky on my legs, back to slow motion zombie style, not exactly fun running round. Still was happy having dragged myself there. Cause else they'd calculated my monthly pay for the cancellation period from a timeframe when I was hardly working and therefore had earned pretty much nothing in the first place. Nice try.

Just like the boss, after he eventually agreed using a month I was wasn't sick or off for the calculation, telling me how now I got off real well and with a freebie. File under guess what.

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