Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Jet set by foot

Still knackered as can be. At least got some showers for a change, the one thing they didn't get running @ Rampart was hot water, so I was really dying for one when arriving back in Kennington. Show in Oxford ok, despite in the end had no beamer, so just had the 17" display on my posh laptop. Guy helping me out with the lumpies before A-ok. Though no dosh just once more, so I'm pretty in debt by now.

Other downer was, had to walk almost an hour there getting the really f**cking early bus back to London for getting the other one for the airport, so in the end slept little less than an hour. Was this posh bus line I only could get cause off-peak they're renting out excess seats to megabus (the reason why it had to be the really early one). Nice part though, in the front row in the upper deck there was a power plug, so I could unse my laptop and listen to music whithout draining the batteries yet.

But was I glad I left most of the luggage in Kennington to collect just before going to the airport, dragging it tho and fro in Oxford would've been too bad even for tough sh*t. Of course then missed one bus at Victoria, while the next got cancelled, so in the end had bit a run towards the check in, but still made it just fine.

Surprise, surprise, lady behind the counter even pulled a new one. When I presented my GP's letter about the prescripted stuff box, which is a standard form coming in englich, german and spanish, she hardly glanced at it and said, 'Won't work, can't read this.' So I pointed with my finger to the english section, replying, 'But it's in english', and hussah, suddenly she could read it no prob. Well, never blame a girl for trying.

Eventually rushed some more over to fragile goods and then through security, though surprise, surprise no 2, of course the plane was just late again. Got security no 108, but still secured my usual window seat anyway.

So back in Zurich now, just returned from work. Got a preliminary appointment at the beauty farm tomorrow rsp. later today, while surgery is scheduled for next Monday, so better make sure I'm catching up with sleep in order to be as fit as possible.

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Holly Finch said...

thanks for dropping by my blog & leaving a comment!...i have been rather lax wth it lately, just can't find the time. really good luck with your surgery....hope everything goes well for you & i'll keep on reading.