Friday, March 16, 2007

Back in realtime (well, sort of)

Hey, I'm still alive, no sweat! Just a wee bit way behind with almost everything. Regarding this blog, according to the original concept of posting everything strictly in faked chronological order, meanwhile actually to the point of it kinda defeating the purpose (not to mention cutting substantionally into the fun part).

So I'll start posting in non-chronological order, older stuff filed first under the pub date for a while, with the actual date mentioned in the first line, then after a while faking the pub date, i.e. older posts will be in reverse chronological order as before (though with gaps eventually to be filled later). Trying to maintain the chronologigal structure design, yassuhmam.

Oh yeah, and how about starting labeling and interlinking each post, enabling different ways of coherent access and navigation? Who needs sleep or food anyway. Cool new features, and all "for free"!

Yup, google forced my sorry ass too to ubdate to blogger beta anyway, reckon cashing in on my private personal data sniffed out by the obligatory cookies.

Welcome to the 21st century, again. And puleeeeeze, no more kidding about the middle ages, or else ...