Saturday, March 17, 2007

15 minutes of sun

While it got cooler again, northern wind setting in, frost in the mornings, on the other hand finally the sun came out for a few days. Though I still have to go through a thorough sun-blocker session before being able to enjoy. Sun mixed with scars less than 6 months old tends being no fun for the bearer. But hey, unlike last year, glad am able getting some sun at all! Even despite my tendency of initially forgetting about the real bastard scar one on my left hand, though.

So, for a few days was busy even catching up some. Actually whole decades of my life virtually never went sunbathing. Only started past 30 when my ageing body and my then girlfriend (the one with the allegedly 'fattish legs') persuaded me considering a slightly healthier lifestyle incl. keeping in shape. And after a while started enjoying both working out and getting some sun, since it gives this nice feeling inside, almost like love (but without the trouble usually attached to the latter, though that'd be another story).

Especially sunbathing is nice, just lying there, feeling the warmth on the skin and inside, maybe reading a bit in a good one or just closing the eyes, enjoying the bliss. Best of course is getting it daily, starting as soon as possible in winter and going on as long as it lasts, even with a sweater wrapped around the kidneys and thick socks on to prevent freezing.

Ok, got this skin that gets sunburned quite fast, and never deeply tanned unless it'd probly be considerably less fun living inside. So my preferred daily dosage would be about 15 minutes, respectively 4x4 minutes turning around.

Usually was doing it on the roof or in the garden. Once a dentist from across the street demanded I'd put on some shorts as his customer had complained, only laying off when I stood up on the roof so he could clearly see that, as a law-abiding citizen I indeed did wear some already (though not exactly boxers).

No more amusing episodes like that in the flat we're living in now, I'm afraid. Cause one of it's pros is the 4th floor balcony almost perfectly towards south and equipped with a massive concrete/frosted glass railing. Will say no more.

Except that it's been a nice row of days me lying there, first time since quite a while, probly 16 months. Already started dozing off less after meals or else in-between. But hey, didn't miss out on a single day.

Until now, that is. Bad relapse sleep pattern wise. 2nd day in a row I got up way too late. Bad bad bad bad bad.

As for tomorrow, forecast's sh*te.

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