Monday, March 19, 2007

Back on track

On the sawdust track, that is. Or back to the laughing stock of it, considering everybody no matter how old or outta shape still beating me squat. Ah, the times I ran double the mileage in less time ...

See my eyes are older now, broken dreams behind ...

However, I'm not there to compete with anybody except myself in my current shape anyway. (Wouldn't be a wise thing to attempt either.) Also still remember just too well less than 2 years ago, game over after less than 2-300 yards.

So as it goes, still am happy running however little, gearing myself up by running every 2nd or 3rd day for 2 1/2 weeks now.

With all the surgery and complications finally done with, reckon it's about time I try harder getting back in shape. Et voilĂ , this week was back on the track 3 times as should be always, and YES, never failing to complete my meager 'regular number of rounds'.

Actually, end of last July was the last time I was able doing so (just before having cut off the lateral lump on 2nd of August), and before that early April (after recovering from the the first one on the forehead). And these were the ONLY two weeks last year AT ALL.

I know forgiveness is the key, not pride
I want to heal this pain I hide inside

So at least running wise I'm back at were I left, while regarding the weights, pull-ups etc. am still only at 70% of what I was able pulling off last year, which again was considerably less than before airport prison.

So, still quite a way to go, m'afraid. Not to mention late in 2005, before changing my mind regarding postponing the surgery for another while, was just about having a serious stab at increasing the rounds to 150% for good pretty soon. Well, hopefully this year.

Fill my heart with precious love, I know it's there to find ...

(And while most of the rest of the song is a wee bit way over the top religious for my tastes, every time I'm running more than a mile a piece even with some slopes in-between, hell, I'm still just f**king grateful to whom-or-what-ever and never fail to say thanks. Same as for every day I still got some tears or feelings left. Sometimes endorphines is a human's best friend ...)

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