Thursday, March 22, 2007

Another by now familiar remark

Usually the follow-up to 'Will the hair grow back?', coming sooner or later after I explained that no, they won't.

In case you didn't guess yet, it goes:

'If you let your hair grow long enough, it'd cover the spot.'

Funny enough, again only noticed I heard that quite a few times by now when the same girl asked me this one, too. (No, were past 'going for a beer' by then, even past 'seeing my etchings' actually.)

Now, well, with regards to the grafted spot at the back of my head, letting my hair grow some inches indeed might work just fine. Though unfortunately there's still the remains of the top lumpies, amongst other things. Not to mention a good part of my hair generally going faster than the amazon rain forest anyway.

So reckon I'll just keep it short by cutting it every week or so -- and live with this remark, too.

(Which reminds me, haircut!, just another small item on my list before leaving for some more shows in about seven hours, so guess I'll better get started ...)

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