Saturday, March 24, 2007

On the road again ...

Actually should attend my courses at the uni, but just like last semester, the very first week, after some days I'm off for some more PigBrother Live Shows.

Am afraid also had a bad relapse regarding the pre-departure chaos. After finishing almost everything, only had to print out the pages of the Leppin book from the individual files. So generated all the printer jobs, queued them up, started the printer and went catching up like 90 minutes of sleep. Only to return finding the printer having gone loco, displaying error-messages regarding 'apple-talk disabled' in mid-job and other assorted b**locks. So I had to start all over again, just with the same messages coming up. Usually the remedy is un- and then replugging the ethernet cable at the printer, but then it starts the job again from the beginning. Well, f**k you very much.

So finally drove off not exactly early, only to find heavy snowing setting in before mid-journey. Minor miracle we still made it just in time (ok, having taken account of some slack from the beginning, too).

Göttingen was nice, T Keller pretty crowded, people laughing in the right places, cool discussions afterwards. And talking bout miracles, hey, the forked us over a bloody gernerous muneration too, in addition to travel expenses, and one for me and my mate each! Woa!

Erfurt also nice today, though they didn't seem appreciating too much my intro where I explain why I think generalisations like A.C.A.B. aren't too clever but actually rather counterproductive. However, all in all was cool, also being back there again, and a nice new squat too (well, new only to us, they're celebrating 6 years pretty soon). Check out their account of the location's history during nazi germany in english.

Actually there's still a party going on downstairs, so I'll better go move some ...

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