Monday, March 26, 2007

'The horror, the horror'

(5th February 2006)

Got these stickers of the blog's logo, and when spreading them, regularly find it amazing how many people assuming the pic MUST be photoshopped despite me sporting those obvious scars.

Just as today at the uni, this student doing a lecture bout blogs, asking who in the class'd be doing one. To my amazement was the only one (actually the guy too didn't seem more familiar than me bit more than a year ago), so he kept focussing on me, what it'd be about? Bandage still on my head, just made my usual joke, 'Well, about plastic surgery.'

After the bell handed him a sticker. Everybody around looking at the pic goggle-eyed, just like they'd probly gawped at me just a while ago, asking, huh, is this really real?!

So nah, this post will not deal with 'Apocalypse Now' (though that's one film that certainly had a great effect on me). Actually the title's just what the assistant lecturer said after I reassured her the photo wasn't doctored but that I really had these things growing on my head just like that.

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