Friday, April 06, 2007

'Brain tumours' a.k.a. another thing I'll never get

Namely how many people obviously thought the lumpies would involve anything on the inside of my skull, like really physically, and why on earth they always came up with that. (Nor, supposed I had had them e.g. on my knees, if they'd also suspect them growing from of the joint itself?)

Just seemed to have this kind of effect on people.

Strange world, innit?

In Prague had met a girl who perchance had had a real one, one on the inside, I mean. On a gland being responsible for controlling the cycle. So, as she'd been on the pill, took a while for the tumor getting noticed. Luckily, could have it surgically removed in the end, the excision been done through the nose, and fortunately the tumour didn't grow back. Though, cause the gland didn't recover, she's to swallow hormones regularly anyways, ouch.

But you know what? There's nothing to see about it, geddit? Absolutely no visible scar. Even if she'd wear as little hair as me.

Not on the outside. Not in the flesh. So nothing you'd ever notice and even less gape at on the street, capiche?

Or only in a very different kind of another strange world, I guess.

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